Veloster N Rear Toe Arms with Eccentric Lockouts

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SPL rear toe arms provide a large range of adjustment to properly correct the rear toe angle and increase the vehicle's overall stability by reducing unwanted toe angle shift from bushing deflection, especially with high cornering or braking loads and over bumps. The result is better handling, driving feel, and improved tire life.


  • Large Toe Adjustment Range
  • Improved Tire Wear, Stability, and Handling
  • On-Car Adjustable with No Jam Nuts
  • Lightweight, High Strength Construction
  • Maintenance-Free, US Made, PTFE-Lined FK Rod Ends
  • Fixes Slipping Issue with OEM Eccentrics

Eccentric Lockout Kit Included

Eccentric bolts are prone to slipping with increased cornering loads. To solve this our toe eccentric lockout kit is included in this toe arm kit (RTAEL), which replaces the OEM Hyundai eccentric bolts with lockplates and non-eccentric bolts to lock down your alignment.

Easy, On-Car Adjustments

The anodized 2024-T351 aluminum arm uses opposing thread patterns (RH and LH) to allow you to adjust the toe while it is still installed. Simply loosen the aluminum clamps with a 5/32" hex key, elongate or shorten the arm by turning, then tighten the titanium cap screws. That's it, no need for fumbling wrenches trying to tighten a jam nut while you keep the arm the exact same length.


  • 2024-T351 aluminum hollow arm (anodized black)
  • 6061-T6 aluminum clamps
  • Titanium 1/4-20 socket head bolts (anodized blue)
  • FK PTFE-lined rod ends (F1 spec, self-cleaning)

Suitable for all uses, from daily driver to race car.


Featured On

Tested, developed, and used on the GenRacer Hyundai TC America race team's winning Veloster N.


Sold as a pair.


Confirmed Applications

2019+ Hyundai Veloster N (JSN)


Replacement Rod Ends

SPL Right Hand Thread Rod Ends

SPL Left Hand Thread Rod Ends


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