Assembly Technician Position

Part Assembly Technician

$16 - $20 / hr (Full Time)

Monday - Friday (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Dripping Springs, TX





  • Assemble Suspension Parts
  • Laser Etch Part Components
  • Package Completed Parts for Inventory / Orders
  • Receiving, Restocking, and Counting Inventoried Components


Required Skills

  • Usage of Basic Hand Tools (Wrenches, Files, etc)
  • Usage of Basic Power/Shop Tools (Drill, Arbor Press, etc)
  • Able to Accurately Follow Specifications and Build List(s)
  • Able to Safely Lift 75+ Lbs Occasionally, 30 - 50 lbs Regularly
  • Willingness to Learn, Adapt, and be a Team Player


Strong performers in this role are detail-oriented, willing to ask questions, maintain a quality standard, and have a reasonable interest in modifying cars/trucks/etc and/or motorsports.



This job is very akin to assembling Legos, just a bit more expensive and made of metal. We're looking for someone who can quickly get up to speed producing repeatable, efficient, and accurate work with simple guidance.

Your primary responsibility will be accurately building our suspension component assemblies from their individual components. You will be building parts based either on a blowup diagram of the part, showing its individual components in their correct orientation, or from a parts list on our computer system.

The parts will then need to be cleaned, packaged, boxed, and either put on the shelf, or into their respective order. It's imperative that the parts are clean, correct, and assembled appropriately. We produce a premium part that is going on high performance vehicles that will be driven to the limit, and a part built incorrectly could either ruin someone’s race weekend, or worse, cause a disaster at the racetrack or on the street. A keen eye for detail is a must.


Unique Opportunities

If interested, you can learn how to prep cars for the racetrack, provide trackside support, and be involved in opportunities to further your skill set.

We also have a broad array of skills as a team and enjoy sharing that knowledge with others. If cars, motorsports, or suspension interests you, or maybe you have a project of your own, we definitely have a lot to offer. Our facility is filled with car lovers, and we would love to add a few more. It's not necessary for the job whatsoever, but it definitely makes the job a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling.


How to Apply

Please send resumes to (cover letters are not necessary) along with your current phone number and/or preferred method of contact.