Tesla Model 3 / Model Y Rear Swaybar Endlinks

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Tesla Model 3/Y Rear Endlinks have massive 1/2" FK Rod Ends to provide the highest load capacity for use with stock or stiffer aftermarket sway bars.  Custom machined High Misalignment Studs offer extreme articulation capability (65deg) to prevent the endlink from binding when used with different adjustment holes on aftermarket sway bars.

Our Endlinks are also length adjustable to eliminate preload on the sway bars, which can result from uneven settling of springs or uneven suspension heights from corner weighting.

Teslas and Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH)

One thing people love about Teslas is their quiet driving experience. This quiet driving experience will also make any additional sources of noise more apparent. Our sway bar endlinks are currently designed to maximize handling performance on and off track, as a result you may experience additional road noise over rough or heavily textured pavement.

Sold as a pair.

Made in the USA.


2017+ Tesla Model 3

2020+ Tesla Model Y

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SPL Pro Series Rear End Links